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Barton County

Central Kansas Community Corrections


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Advisory Board

The Central Kansas Advisory Board is comprised of twelve (12) members, as required by statute.

Appointed                                                     Name                                                     Title Profession

County Sheriff                                              Murray Marston                                      Sheriff

Chief of Police                                              Arthur Keffer                                          Chief of Police

District Attorney                                           Amy Mellor                                            County Attorney

Admin. Judge                                               Scott McPherson                                     Magistrate Judge

Admin Judge                                                Sabrina Chism                                         Chief CSO

Barton Co. Commission                              Gloria Hernandez                                    Interpreter

Ellsworth Co Commission                          Terry Keiser                                             Commissioner

Russell Co Commission                              John Fletcher                                           County Admin.

Stafford Co Commission                             Recruiting Position   

Great Bend City Council                             Judge. Hannelore Kitts                             Retired Judge

Russell City Council                                    Coleen Boxberger                                    Court reporter      

Lyons City Council                                      Pending                                             

Ex-Officio                                                    John Isern                                                Court Admin

Ex-Officio                                                    Pending