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Baby Formula Do's and Don'ts

Baby Formula Do’s and Don’ts



  • Prepare the formula according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Contact your doctor or local WIC Office for an equivalent to your baby’s formula if you can’t find your normal brand.
  • Use safe, clean water.
  • If using powdered formula always measure the water first and then add the powder.
  • If the formula is not being fed immediately, refrigerate it right away, keep refrigerated until feeding, and use within 24 hours.
  • Discard any formula left in the bottle after your infant has finished a feeding.



  • Do not give infants younger than 12 months cows or goats milk.
  • Do not dilute the formula to make to go farther. This will lead to malnutrition from underfeeding.
  • Do not make homemade baby formula.  This will not provide your infant with certain necessary nutrients and is a possible risk of contamination and to food-borne illness.
  • Do not buy formula online that comes from outside the United States.  This formula could be counterfeit.