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Barton County

Living In Barton County


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Barton County is rich in agricultural resources including crops, commercial hunting, pet food manufacturing, and greenhouse production.  There are approximately 628 farms, with $365.7 million in crop and livestock sales in 2017.  The top ag, food, and food processing sectors include: animal production, beef cattle ranching, and bread bakery product.  


General Economics

Barton County excels in the diversification of industry including manufacturing, construction, mining, and utilities. 



We care about the health and well-being of our residents.  There is a variety of data capturing the breadth of initiatives we deploy to ensure our sustainability.  The takes extraordinary measures to ensure we make evidence-based decisions when it comes to public health and safety.  



Pull Factor: is the relative strength of the retail business community.  The county Pull Factor is computed by dividing the per capita sales tax of a county by the statewide per capita sales tax. A value greater than 1.0 indicates local businesses are pulling trade from beyond the county borders. A CTPF value less than 1.00 indicates more trade is being lost than pulled in, that residents are shopping outside the county.  Barton County's 2020 Pull Factor is 1.14 .  


Oil & Gas

Barton County has substantial oil and gas production playing a vital role in our local industry that fuels our economy.  The industry provides abundant entrepreneurial opportunities including pumping, welding, supplies, drilling, and testing. 


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