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Barton County



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View Available Bids

Click here to view bid solicitations from Barton County.  Interested vendors may print and read full proposals by clicking the bid description and printing the document.  If you are having problems viewing this PDF document, please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and install the newest free version.  



Register Your Business To Receive Notices

Vendors may register their business here to receive email notifications and submit bids electronically, for free. 


  1. When communicating, always refer to the bid number.
  2. To be considered, one copy of the bid must be properly filled in, signed, and returned to Barton County by the specified closing date. Bids may be submitted using the above online portal, by mail, or by bringing the bid in a sealed, marked envelop to the Barton County Clerk’s Office (1400 Main St. Great Bend, KS).  E-mail and late bids can not be considered.
  3. A bid must be in U. S. Dollars ($ U.S.) excluding Federal Excise/State Sales Taxes.
  4. All prices and conditions must be shown. Additions or conditions not shown on this bid will not be allowed.
  5. Bids for comparable merchandise will be considered unless the specifications indicate "no substitution."
  6. Bidder must specify exceptions to any requirement or specification in the bid.
  7. A bid must include complete specifications and descriptive literature to facilitate consideration.


Business certification is necessary.  By signing the quotation, the business or bidder certifies that:

  1.  I (we) do not have any substantial conflict of interest sufficient to influence the bidding process on this bid. A conflict of interest is one that a reasonable person would think would compromise the open, competitive process.
  2. Certify that they are an independent contractor and not an employee of Barton County.
  3. The merchandise quoted meets or exceeds the specifications and requirements described herein.
  4. The merchandise quoted is made in compliance with Kansas Act Against Discrimination, K.S.A. 44-1030, et seq.


Awarding Bids

Bid results will not be given to individuals over the phone. Bid results are available by a written request only.  Please send requests to Barton County Administrative Office, referencing the bid number.




Barton County will make every effort to ensure that bid information is posted to the website in a timely and accurate manner. All questions regarding bid opportunities should be forwarded to the contact person identified in the bid solicitation. Proposals received after that date and time will be returned unopened.  Barton County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to award in the best interests of the County. 


Barton County’s "purchaser subscription" to Vendor Registry pays for vendors (businesses) to receive the following services for free:

  • Register with Vendor Registry
  • View Barton County Bids
  • Submit Barton County Bids
  • Receive Barton County email notifications for bids

Vendors do not have to be on our vendor list to view bids.  They only have to register with Vendor Registry to submit bids electronically, and again this is free.  At the end of registering your business, you may be offered additional subscription services that are not necessary to respond to Barton County bids.  If you are interested in those enhanced services, you are responsible for those enhanced package subscription fees.