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Barton County

Register of Deeds


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Records Notification System

Barton County Register of Deeds

The Records Notification System feature provides the ability for you to receive email messages whenever a document is recorded using your name. 

You must fill out all of the information.

You must provide a valid email to receive messages.

Please provide the following information to sign up for property activity alerts through Barton County. Please use a separate form for each individual or e-mail address you wish to register. We must have a valid email address on file, the notifications are sent via email.




Recorded as (any variant of your name that may appear on a legal document. Example: Joe Doe Smith, Joe Smith, J.D. Smith, J. Doe Smith, Joe D. Smith, or Joe D. Smith Trust):



Barton County, the Barton County Register of Deeds, and the officers and employees of Barton County and the Barton County Register of Deeds assume no liability for failure to provide requested notice of recorded documents, nor do they assume any liability for any information contained and provided herein. The Barton County Register of Deeds, its officers, and employees, assume no liability for fulfilling their legal duty to record documents, even if those documents are in some instances later determined to be erroneous, fraudulent, or invalid.

By completing and submitting this registration form, you acknowledge that you have read the above and foregoing disclaimer and agree with the same.






Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Records Notification System?
The Property Activity Alert Subscription is a notification service that notifies subscribers by e-mail each time that a deed or mortgage is recorded with their name on it in the Barton County Register of Deeds office.

How do I sign up for this service?
Complete and return the registration form to the Barton County Register of Deeds office.

How much does it cost to subscribe?
There is no fee to use this service.  It is provided free of charge.

How many registration forms can I submit?
You may submit as many registration forms for names, businesses, and/or e-mail addresses as needed.

What type of information is needed to sign up?
Your name and/or business name and an e-mail address are required to register.

How should I enter my name?
For best results, please enter your name as it may appear on various recorded documents (John Doe, John J. Doe, John James Doe) etc.    For Women, if you acquired land under a maiden name, or previous name, please make sure to enter all variations of names.

How should I enter my first name?
If you have a first name that can be spelled several ways, or that is easily misspelled, you may wish to only use the first letter of your first name to reduce the likelihood of a missed notification.

What if my last name has a space between two names?
In this case, you may wish to submit two forms – one that has the space and one that omits it. For example, you may wish to register as Van Cleave and VanCleave.

My name is common – will I receive notifications that do not pertain to me?
Yes, it is possible. You can always ask the Barton County Register of Deeds to review the document for which you received a notification to determine if it applies to you.

How should I enter my business’s name?
Enter your business’s name on the second line of the registration form and do not enter anything on the line for First Name or First Initial. If your business starts with the word “The,” omit it.

What if I have changes to my registration form or want to cancel my registration?
Call the Barton County Register of Deeds Office.

Will this cover property I own in other counties?
No. This service is only for properties located in Barton County, Kansas.

I believe I have been the victim of fraud. What should I do?
Report the fraudulent activity right away to the Barton County Sheriff’s Office.