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Barton County



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Barton County Property Parcel Search


Click on the ORKA Quicklinks on the left side of this page, then click ‘OK’ on the Disclaimer page and the Barton County map will appear with various options for searching the map, aerial imagery and the appraisal information attached to the parcels:

Using the ‘Find’ options on the left side of the screen, a parcel can be searched by owner’s name, site address, parcel ID (a 19 digit number starting with 005), a quick ref number, or by Section-Township-Range. The zoom functions in the upper left corner of the map can also be used to find a parcel by zooming to the area of interest and clicking on the map. The appraisal information for the parcel will appear on the right side of the map. This data can be enlarged to show the full report and added to a multi-parcel report. To print the report use the browser print function. Under the ‘Layers’ option there are several different aerial photos to choose from: the 2010 set is high resolution-half foot pixel imagery of Ellinwood, Great Bend, and Hoisington, and one foot resolution for the other cities, taken in March; the NG911 imagery is one foot resolution, county wide, taken November 2013; the NAIP imagery is one meter resolution, taken after the wheat harvest in the summer. The imagery labeled County 2018 is the highest resolution (3 inch pixels) and covers the four largest cities and some surrounding area. The ‘Print’ option has two choices, Layout or Map Only.

For help with the ORKA program contact the mapping office at 793-1802. For more information about the property and buildings, contact the appraiser’s office at 793-1821. For property taxes contact the treasurer’s office at 793-1827.