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Barton County

Communications & 911


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9-1-1 Addressing

Barton County Communications/911 does all 911 addressing in Barton County.

                In case, you are not familiar with how the addressing system works, let me try to explain. Your 911 address gives all emergency personnel responding, a general idea of the location based off the 911 address system. The first numbers in your address indicate how far from the divider line (Washington), your house is. The last numbers in your address, tell us how far from the intersection your house is. The other thing that the address can tell responders, is which side of the road your house sits on. If the last number in your address is even, then your house should sit on the north side of the road, or east side of the avenue. If the last number of your address is odd, your house should sit on the south side of the road, or west side of the avenue. Avenues run North and South, and roads run East and West.

                This address must be used when calling 911, and will also need to be changed on your utilities. It is vital that your phone be changed as soon as possible, to assist us when you call 911, possibly in an emergency. The phone will need to be a priority, the remaining utilities can be a gradual changed over the next few months. There is also a county resolution that suggests your address be posted on a permanent post of metal, wood or stone, located at the junction of the main entrance of each residential, commercial, industrial or public building site and the fronting road or avenue; and  that the signage affixed to said post include the numerical locator number assigned to the property in individual characters. It shall be the standard that the numbers be at least three (3) inches in height and proportional width.  All characters should be easily identifiable to emergency service personnel and it is recommended that they be reflective in nature so as to be easily identifiable at night.  Please understand that it is vital that your address be correct for emergency responders to locate you in an emergency.