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Barton County has many advisory boards and committees that work on various projects in the county and region. Citizens are encouraged to volunteer for any open position on these boards and committees; there is no compensation (hourly pay or travel reimbursement) for working on a panel. The period of service varies from one to four years.  Members of these boards provide valuable service to the citizens of Barton County. The Barton County Commissioners encourage people to volunteer for these boards.

Open positions are listed following the descriptions.

The boards and committees are as follows:

911 Advisory Board - Functions under the 911 Director. Established by Resolution 2008-19. Purpose - 1. Insure the 911 center is in compliance with and operating pursuant to the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual. 2. Provide advice and guidance to the 911 Director relative to operations of the 911 / Communications Center. 3. Improve communications between the 911 Center and supported agencies. 4. Perform other functions as requested by the Board of County Commissioners. Membership - The members of this Board shall consist of the Barton County Sheriff, the Chief of Police of the Cities of Claflin, Ellinwood, Great Bend and Hoisington, the Fire Chief or EMS Director of the Cities of Claflin, Ellinwood, Great Bend and Hoisington, the Lieutenant of the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Barton County Director of Road and Bridge with each member being able to name a designee in his or her place. Meetings - This Board shall meet at least bi-annually with the Barton County 911 Director responsible for setting such meetings. The 911 Director will provide to the County Commission a written summary of said meeting within two weeks of its close.


The Center for Counseling and Consultation Governing Board - This Board reviews and makes recommendations on mental health services in Barton County and the surrounding area. Board members serve without compensation, three year terms. Commission makes a portion of this Board's appointments.


Chief Elected Official Board, Local Workforce Investment Board - The Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) exists to connect employers to a motivated workforce having skills to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. The Chief Elected Official Board (CEOB) conducts oversight of the programs in an effort to assure that the mission is accomplished. Commissioner Don Davis was appointed in 2014.


Community Development Advisory Board - Functions under the County Administrator. Governed by Resolution 2010-10.  Purpose - The BCCDAB shall be an advisory board to the Board of Barton County Commissioners relative to economic and community development matters. The BCCDAB shall monitor the progress of the Barton County Strategic Plan and make suggestions to the Commissioners concerning the advancement and realization of the goals as set forth in said plan. Membership - The BCCDAB shall be comprised of 11 members. Each Barton County Commission member shall appoint two representatives and the Chairperson, three. Members may be representative of the manufacturing, non-manufacturing, retail, education and governing sectors of the County and shall be representative of the geography of the County.  Members shall serve three year terms. Vacancy - Vacancies in the membership of the BCCDAB shall be filled by a vote of the majority of the Barton County Commission following an open application period. Members of the BCCDAB may apply for reappointment. Vacancies shall be filled, insofar as is practicable, by Commission District. Meetings - The BCCDAB shall meet as often as the members deem necessary, but no less than semi-annually. The members shall select a chairperson and vice chairperson; bylaws may be adopted as needed.   The chairperson shall be responsible for scheduling and chairing meetings.


Great Plains Development Advisory Board - In the past, Barton County has solicited applicants for one uncompensated position for the Great Plains Development Board. Due to a lack of applicants, the position had gone unfilled for long periods of time. Qualifications included a background in government, financial institutions, community organizations or business organizations. Last official appointment was Janet Crane.  By default, the County Administrator is considered the appointee.


Health Advisory Board - Functions under the Health Director. The Health Advisory Board reviews and makes recommendations on policies related to public health services in Barton County. Uncompensated position requirements and terms set by Kansas statute.


Local Emergency Planning Committee - Functions under the Emergency Risk Manager. Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC's) were established by the Federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986. Originally, the LEPC was designed to provide a forum for emergency management agencies, responders, industry and the public to work together to evaluate, understand and communicate chemical hazards in the community and develop appropriate emergency plans in case of accidental release of these chemicals. In recent years, the LEPC's planning efforts have been refocused to include planning for a variety of disasters that may affect the community. Floods, hazardous material spills, wildfires, natural disasters, and even terrorism all constitute real challenges facing community leaders today. Federal and State planners have advocated for development of "All-Hazards" planning, which prepares communities and counties for any disaster; not just those from chemical releases. A part of this planning requires the input of several individual appointees to the Committee.

Memorial Parks Advisory Committee - While the responsibility was assigned to the County Administrator, this Committee now functions under the Road and Bridge Director, with assistance from the Register of Deeds.  Was established by Resolution 2005-08.  Purpose- 1. To recommend to the County Commissioners the most effective use of monies designated for the memorial parks. 2. To assist in public ceremonies and events involving the memorial parks. 3. To render advice concerning rules and regulations relative to the memorial parks, particularly relating to Resolution 2003-10, Regulations for Barton County Owned and Operated Memorial Parks, adopted June 16, 2003, and Resolution 2004-21, Amending Resolution 2003-10, Regulations for Barton County Owned and Operated Memorial Parks, Adopted June 16, 2003, adopted August 9, 2004.Membership - Membership on this Committee shall be no less than five and no more than seven members. The membership of this Committee will consist of citizens of Barton County who are interested in the care and management of the memorial parks and who are willing to serve on the advisory committee without compensation. The up to seven positions on the Committee shall be four-year staggered terms. Public Application Process - Membership on this Committee will be uncompensated and selection shall be made by the Commission in a review of a public application process. Membership shall be limited to Barton County citizens only, although there shall be no other mandatory term requirements. Meetings - This Committee shall meet at least annually, or more often as deemed appropriate by the Committee. The Committee shall provide a formal report to the County Commissioners at least annually or more frequently as circumstances require.


Planning Commission and Zoning Appeals Board - Functions under the Environmental Manager. The focus of the Planning Commission is to plan for the proper growth and development of Barton County through the enactment of planning and zoning laws for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. Whenever called upon the Planning Commisson members will convene as the Zoning Appeals Board.  The Zoning Appeals Board hears and decides appeals; hears and rules upon applications for variance and exception; and hears and decides all matters referred under regulations.  Uncompensated three year terms. Majority of appointments must reside in the unincorporated area of Barton County.


SDSI - Southwest Developmental Services, Inc. (SDSI) is, generally, charged with the oversight of services provided to the developmentally disabled, administrative services for the local provision system and assuring that State laws and regulations are met. As the County is a part of SDSI's service region, the County may appoint a member to the Board of Directors. The County's nominee must be at least 18 years of age, a U S Citizen and a Barton County resident. In addition, the nominee must not be, nor has not been within the last year, affiliated with any business offering developmentally disabled services. Commissioner Kenny Schremmer was nominated and accepted to the Board in 2005.


SouthWest Kansas Area Agency on Aging - SWKAAA helps determine long term needs and programs for all senior citizens in Southwest Kansas. Required to attend four quarterly meetings per year. Mileage reimbursed for the required meetings. The County makes a portion of the Board's appointments.


Solid Waste Committee - Functions under the Solid Waste Management. The Solid Waste Management Plan Committee is responsible for the development and annual review of a solid waste management plan to serve all generators of solid waste within Barton County; provide for solid waste management systems in a manner consistent with the needs and plans of the County, and in a manner which will not contribute to pollution of the waters and air of the state, nor constitute a public nuisance and shall otherwise provide for the safe and sanitary disposal of solid waste and to take into consideration the development of specific management programs including source reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and land disposal.


Central Kansas Community Corrections Adult Advisory Board - Functions under the CKCC Director.  Statutory requirement for Board.

JCAB - Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board - Functions under the Juvenile Service Director. Statutory requirement for Board.


Open positions are as follows:

Barton County is accepting applications for two terms on the SouthWest Kansas Area Agency on Aging (SWKAAA) Sub-Regional Council until positions are filled. SWKAAA helps determine long term needs and programs for all senior citizens in Southwest Kansas. The uncompensated term expires September, 2024. Required to attend four quarterly meetings, mileage reimbursed. Download: SWKAAA application

Barton County is accepting applications for the Memorial Parks Advisory Committee until the uncompensated positions are filled. This committee advises the Commission on care and management of Golden Belt and Hillcrest Memorial Parks. Applicants must be County residents. Two full terms expire July 2025. Download: Memorial Parks Advisory Committee Application

PLANNING COMMISSION - Barton County is soliciting applicants for four uncompensated positions on the Barton County Planning Commission until filled. One Open Position Terming March 31, 2023.  Three Positions Term March 31, 2024. All successful applicants must reside in Barton County.  Focus is to plan for proper growth and development in Barton County through enacting planning and zoning laws for protection of public health, safety and welfare.  Download: Barton County Planning Commission Application

Fire District No. 2 includes Albion, Eureka, North Homestead, South Homestead, Union Townships and Hoisington, Olmitz and Susank. Barton County is accepting application for the management of the district. Two year, uncompensated positions terming December, 2022, are open for North Homestead, South Homestead and Union Townships and the City of Susank. Download: Fire District #2 Board Application

Barton County accepting applications for one unexpired position on The Center for Counseling and Consultation Governing Board until filled. The Governing Board assists in establishing policies for client provisions within The Center’s service area. The uncompensated position terms December 31, 2021. Download: Center for Counseling Board Application 

Barton County is accepting applications for up to five positions on the Health Advisory Committee. The Health Advisory Committee shall provide guidance, recommendations and assistance to the Barton County Health Department. With no more than nine members, no less than five (5) shall be from the allied medical field with at least one of appointees being a physician and at least one appointee being from the animal health field. An unfilled term ends December 31, 2021; others December 31, 2022. All terms uncompensated. Download: Health Advisory Committee Application

Barton County is accepting applications for the Barton County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) until 2:00 p.m., November 27, 2019, or when positions are filled. The Barton County LEPC is the local emergency planning district designated by the state to fulfill the requirements of Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA). The purpose of the LEPC is to promote and facilitate the safety of Barton County citizens through emergency response planning for the release of hazardous substances.  Currently seeking representatives for the following categories:  State/Local Official, Emergency Management, Transportation, Emergency Medical Personnel, Local Environmental Groups and Community Groups. These are uncompensated appointments. Download: LEPC Application

Barton County is accepting applications for appointment to the Solid Waste Management Committee until positions are filled. The Solid Waste Management Committee prepares the Solid Waste Management Plan; provides the (Barton County) Commission a report containing the results of the annual plan review, to include recommendations for revisions;  and other such duties. The five members appointed by the County Commission represent the general public, citizen organizations, private industry, any private solid waste management industry operating in the County and any private recycling or scrap material processing industry operating in the County or any other person deemed appropriate by the County including, but not limited to, County commissioners, County engineers, County health officers and County planners as appointed by the Commission. The five appointments are for four-year terms. Download the Solid Waste Management Committee application

Barton County is accepting applications for six terms on the Community Development Advisory Board. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. The BCCDAB advises the Commission on economic and community development matters, monitors the progress of the Strategic Plan, makes suggestions concerning advancement and realization of plan goals. Where possible, positions are filled by Commission District. Positions expire (1) August, 2018; (2) August, 2019; and (3) August, 2020. Community Development Advisory Board

Return the signed application to the Human Resource's Office: “

  by mail to: 1400 Main, Room 107, Great Bend, KS 67530

  or scan and email to dwatson@bartoncounty.org


For questions please call (620) 793-1800 or toll free 1-877-419-7171.

All positions are open until filled.

Barton County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.