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Barton County

County Clerk


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The Barton County Clerk is a (4) four year term elected position. A brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the County Clerk's Office is as follows:

1) Takes minutes at all Commission Agenda meeting

2) Bookkeeping :Processes accounts payable for all County departments.
General Ledger - a duplicate record of all transactions of receipts and disbursements/appropriations which are transacted through the County Treasurer's Office.
Combined Bookkeeping - Balance Sheets, Financial Statements

3) Real Estate transfer record - Records transfer of ownership from deeds filed with the Register of Deeds, probates, divorce decrees, death certificates, etc.

4) Issues Fish and Game licenses, large game permits, etc.

5) Audit all 22 Barton County township annual reports and special district annual reports

6) Certifies all municipality budgets to the State for: Barton County, BCC, Cities, Townships, School Districts and Special Districts (Rate checking for illegal levy)

7) Certification of valuation :State Assessed,Real Estate, Personal Property,Oil & Gas

8) Sets and certifies levies annually and prepares levy sheets

9) Certify tax roll to the County Treasurer for collection and preparation of tax statements

10) Prepares adjustments to original tax statement/tax roll
Abatements (adjustment to tax owed before the tax is paid)
Refunds (adjustment to tax which has already been paid and refund to taxpayer)
Added/Escape Taxes (prepares tax statement for a tax that was missed

11) Mail/copy center - sorts and applies postage to all county mail

12) Prepares "HOMESTEAD" for low income or elderly persons

13) Maintains income tax forms for the public

14) Prepares financial reports to the State of Kansas