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Barton County



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The Mapping Office has developed several different maps specifically for use by the county departments. Some of these maps are also available to the public with the following qualifications. Property descriptions and other information as indicated on the maps are unofficial and are not intended for conveyances or to be used as the sole deciding factor for the various permits required by the county. These maps are not legal surveys. Maps are continuously being updated with new information and will be changed without notice as often as needed. Barton County will not assume responsibility for any use of the maps beyond the regulations or guidelines established for the county departments.

Maps that can be viewed online or downloaded as .pdf files and printed:

Barton County Road Map

Civil Townships

Great Bend   Hoisington   Ellinwood   Claflin  Pawnee Rock   Albert   Beaver    Galatia   Heizer   Odin    Olmitz   Susank

County Commission Districts 2023  Great Bend Commission Districts 2023

School Districts

2022 Kansas House Districts in Barton County

    old - Kansas House Districts in Barton County
Barton County Voting Locations
Great Bend Precincts & Wards & Voting Locations

Tax Units

Fire Department Response Areas

Fire Districts 1 & 2

Wetlands & Wildlife National Scenic Byway

Zoning Map

Be Well Barton County Bike Map
Wet & Dry Walnut Creeks Map
Blood & Deception Creeks Map
Historic Barton County

Historic Civil Townships


                       Maps & GIS data can be ordered for a processing fee:

Special use or specific area maps can be created from the county's GIS system. Various years and resolutions of digital aerial photography are also available. The fees are as follows:

Printed Maps:

Page size - 8x11 & 11x17: line work only  $ 2.00    with aerial photo or color fill  $5.00

Medium size - 24x36 (D): line work only    $10.00    with aerial photo or color fill  $15.00

Large size - 36x42 (E): line work only       $15.00    with aerial photo or color fill  $20.00

Extra-large size - 42x70: line work only     $25.00    with aerial photo or color fill  $30.00

Digital Maps/GIS Data:

Email map in pdf or jpeg format                    $  2.00

Map only in .dwg format                              $ 50.00

Map & database .dwg & .xls **                    $250.00

Digital copy aerial photo 1st-100mb              $ 50.00    $10.00/additional 100mb

Conversion to different file formats (.dwg to .shp/etc)  $100.00

Customized maps/queries (1hr min.)            $ 50.00/hr


  ** The Open Records form needs to be signed when owner information is requested.

      Open Records Form


Prices approved by County Commissioners August 25, 2008


Barton County Landfill Thru the Years