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Inmate Visitation (Public)

Inmate Visitation



Inmate Requirements
1. Visitation is a privilege.
2. Inmate Public Visitation is held Wednesday at 7PM to completion.
3. Inmates may list two adult (age 18+) visitors per each week’s session.
a. Visitor’s name must match name on the ID presented by the visitor
4. Inmates get ONE visitation session totaling 20 minutes, with the two listed visitors.
5. Inmates must be in custody in the Barton County Detention Center for 7 consecutive days to be eligible for visitation privileges.
6. Inmates will wear their full jail uniform

Visitor Requirements
1. Visitors will not be allowed to wait in the lobby until 6:15pm, on visitation nights
2. Visitors must have a valid, government issued ID such as a Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, or Military ID for identity verification.
a. Name on ID must match name entered by inmate on visitation list
3. Visitors must sign in between 6:15pm and 6:45pm on the night of visitation.
4. It is the responsibility of the inmate to notify potential visitors of rules and requirements for visitation, including the dress code.
5. Only those signed in for visitation may be in the lobby of the jail, unless here for other Sheriff’s Office or Detention Center business.
6. Visitors may only visit the inmate they are signed in to visit.
7. No one under the age of 18 allowed in lobby during visitation
8. Visitors are subject to a pat-down search, prior to entering the visitation area, based on jail policies
9. All entering the Barton County Detention Center for visitation are subject to warrant and/or criminal history checks.
10. All visitation, on-site and remote, are recorded and are subject to being monitored. By engaging in a visitation, you consent to the recording.
11. During visitation hours, 6:15pm to 10:00pm, the following items will be left in the visitor’s vehicle and will not be allowed in the jail lobby (At no time, will these items be allowed the visitation area, without the written permission of the Sheriff of Jail Administrator):
    a. Cell phones
    b. Bags or purses
    c. Cameras (video/film)
    d. Radios (mp3/mp4, disc, tape players) or audio recording devices
    e. Food or Drink
    f. Smoking or tobacco products, including vape items
    g. Drugs, narcotics, intoxicating beverages
    h. Firearms, weapons, knives, or sharp objects
12. Dress Code
    a. All clothing must be clean and in good condition
    b. Undergarments are required, but should not be visible
    c. No bare shoulders, sleeveless shirts, or cut off shirts
    d. No shorts or shirts showing stomach

Revised: 05/31/2023
    e. No dress/skirt/shorts above mid-thigh
    f. No revealing and/or see-through clothing including, but not limited to, low cut tops, halter tops, tube tops
    g. No clothing displaying obscene or offensive behavior
    h. Shoes, sandals, boots, or other footwear are required


General Rules & Requirements
1. Barton County Sheriff’s Office staff may deny, suspend, or terminate a visit if:
    a. Visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    b. Visitor provides insufficient/falsified identification or refuses to provide any identification
    c. Visitor’s behavior is disruptive to orderly running of the facility, including visitation    
    d. Visitor damages county property
    e. Visitor’s clothing does not conform to the dress code
    f. Safety or security of the facility (severe weather, power loss, etc.)
    g. Visitor is part of no contact order, protection order, prohibited contact victim/witness to the case
    h. Visitor is on parole/probation/community corrections/court services supervision
    i. Visitor leaves and/or is not present when called for visitation with inmate.
    j. Visitors or inmates violate any of the requirements for visitation.
2. No items, including packages, mail, or pictures may be left for an inmate. All items must be mailed in.
3. No property will be released during visitation hours. Arrangements must be made during regular business hours.
4. No contact visits are allowed.
5. No special visits are allowed without approval of the Sheriff or Jail Administrator.
6. Visitors may put money on inmate’s account using the kiosk in the Detention Center lobby
7. If any visitor is not properly dressed and/or is disruptive, the visitor is subject to the following:

    a. Ask to leave the facility by any Sheriff’s Office staff member

        i. Failing to leave the facility or returning during the same visitation night may be cause for arrest and or request to the Barton County Attorney for criminal charges under K.SA. 21-5808. Criminal trespass. (a)(1)(A) Criminal trespass is entering or remaining upon or in any structure by a person who knows such person is not authorized or privileged to do so or such person enters or remains therein in defiance of an order not to enter or to leave such premises or property personally communicated to such person by the owner thereof or other authorized person.
    b. Banned from visiting any inmate for a period of no less than one year, up to a permanent ban.