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Barton County



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Affidavit of Correction 

Affidavit of Relationship (TR-215)

Affidavit to a Fact.pdf (TR-12)

Application for Disabled Veterans License Plate (TR-103).pdf

Bill of Sale (TR-312)

Bill of Sale - Watercraft.pdf

Certification for National Guard License Plate (TR-129).pdf

Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard and Plate Decal (TR-159).pdf

Certificate of Trust.pdf

Claim of Heir and.or Beneficiary Affidavit-(TR-83b).pdf

Decedent's Affidavit (TR-83).pdf

Duplicate, Secured or Reissue Title

Electronic Sales Agreement

Even Trade Form.docx

Kansas Disabled Parking Certificate (TR-159a).pdf

Kansas Resident and Business Out of State VIN Verification Form (TR-65).pdf

Lienholder's Consent to Transfer Ownership

Lien Release.pdf (TR-150)

Military Personnel Affidavit for Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption (TR-601).pdf

Military Veteran License Plate Application (TR-102).pdf

Notification of Sale by Seller.pdf

Odometer Disclosure Statement (TR-59).pdf

Personalized Plate Application (TR-715).pdf

Power of Attorney (TR-41)

Quiet Title.pdf

Request for Access to Vehicle Records Requesters Infor.pdf

Royalty Tag Information Consent (TR-7).pdf

Salvage, Non Highway, or Non Repairable Affidavit (TR-13)

Schedule C.pdf

Specially Constructed Vehicle Affidavit (TR-91).pdf

Transfer on Death Affidavit (TR-82).pdf

Transfer Upon Death



Any forms not listed above may be accessed through the Kansas Department of Revenue.