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Traffic (non-DUI) Diversion Application - FILLABLE

The Barton County Attorney has established a Diversion Program for some traffic offenders.  Diversion is a privilege which is controlled exclusively by the Barton County Attorney’s office.  It is not a right.


To apply for diversion, fill out the application below and click submit.   If you are offered a diversion, a diversion agreement will be mailed to you with further instructions.  Unless you receive a diversion application and further instructions, you must appear before the court on the date listed on your citation.

If you are approved for diversion you will be required to pay the original fine, court costs, a Crime Stoppers fee of $25.00, and a diversion fee of $100.00. 




1.          The citation was for a speed greater than 80 miles per hour in a 65-mph zone, or a speed greater than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit in a zone of less than 65 miles per hour.


2.          You have prior conviction(s) or serious traffic misdemeanors (i.e., DUI, driving while suspended, failing to report an accident, etc.)


3.  The arresting officer reports that you were belligerent, insulting or uncooperative.


4.          You have three or more moving violation convictions within the past 12 months.


5.          You have five or more moving violation convictions within the past 5 years.


6.          You fail to return the signed diversion agreement and pay the fees within the specified time.


7.          The Barton County Attorney decides, for any other reason, not to grant diversion in your case.       


8.         You pay the ticket or citation prior to applying for diversion.




Date of Birth


Are you a CDL holder: 



Violation Date




I hereby apply to participate in the Traffic Diversion Program.  I waive a speedy trial, and ask for a continuance of any trial for at least 6 months and until completion of the diversion period (with any delay being charged to me).  I understand that any trial may be on stipulated facts and that I may not be entitled to present any other evidence.  I agree that failure to respond to information sought or the giving of false information in this application are grounds to deny me diversion or to remove me from the program.  I admit that I committed the traffic offense alleged in the Uniform Notice to Appear and Complaint.  Under penalty of perjury, I assert that the information in the application is true and correct.